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Historia Septentriae

Page One

Being a History of Septentria


Penned by Brother Thomas, of the Order of St. Crispinus


Winter, AS 37, while Baron Corwyn Galbraith and Baroness Domhnail Galbraith have arisen to the Ursine thrones of Septentria, and while King Roak II and Queen Arlette sit the Lupine thrones of Ealdormere.


Copyright © Todd Fischer, March 2003.



Greetings from Brother Thomas, lowly monk and scribe, and loyal subject of Their Excellencies Corwyn and Domhnail, and Their Majesties Roak and Arlette.


For much of my life I have lived within abbeys, most recently that of Sehr Großer Becher. There I spend my days working in the scriptorium, studying scripture and the chronicles of the past. The abbot, who knew my love of history, one day brought me word from my benefactor Laird Colyne Stewart that the Baron and Baroness wished a history of our lands written. My Laird laid this noble task at my feet. I was, I admit, flustered. To even contemplate writing a history of this fair land was a daunting thought, especially when such notable chroniclers as St. Brand and Brother Magnus of Iona have in the past bent their quills to this task. However, as is always the case, when duty calls, I answer. Please find within these pages my attempt to piece together our long and rich history from the various and sundry sources I could unearth. I have tried, with all diligence, to use the correct dates and names, but errors may still occur. I am indebted to all the chroniclers and historians of the past, and to several folk of our barony who did regale me with tales of Septentria.


I hope the work I have produced meets with the approval of Their Excellencies and Their Majesties, as I hope it approves with all who read it.


For my Baron and Baroness, and my King and Queen,


In God All Things,




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